You Don't Need A Fund to Support Your Community

You Don't Need A Fund to Support Your Community

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audience: Toledo Community Foundation | last updated: 20 July 2018


Early this week, we announced plans for the Women's Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation at a private luncheon for women in our community. The fund will provide support to programs that provide long-term solutions to help women and girls succeed in any and all aspects of their life. Thanks to our featured speaker, LPGA Member Cindy LaCrosse, for her inspiring story about her golf career and philanthropic efforts. See WTOL 11's story about Cindy here.  We invite you to learn more about the Women's Fund here.


Toledo Community Foundation is honored to carry out the charitable interests and intentions of more than 800 individuals, families and organizations who have established both current and future funds with us. However, you don’t need a fund to support your community!

It is important to understand that anyone can contribute to an endowed fund — it isn’t required that you establish your own fund with TCF. Everyone can help us build a better community with a gift to support a cause.

TCF has identified three community issues that need ongoing attention and support, and incorporated these as a focus in our strategic planning. Those are

  • Economic Opportunities
  • Education
  • Women and Girls

Community Economic Opportunities Fund
TCF created this fund in 2014 to support grant making which helps develop and expand economic opportunities in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. This includes efforts to support neighborhood improvements, job readiness and workforce training.

Community Education Fund
TCF created this fund in 2014 to support grant making focusing on the development and education of children and young people residing in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. This includes looking at the developmental needs of 3-5 year olds and exploring programs/models that help children be prepared for kindergarten, while also providing educational support to all students through high school. Supporting the youth of our community from cradle to career.

Women’s Fund
TCF is concerned about the advancement of women in our community. In 2015, the Women’s Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation was established to support organizations, initiatives and programs that impact women and girls. Contributions to the Women’s Fund will exclusively support programs, projects and organizations that improve the quality of life for women and girls in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Grants made from this fund will focus on long-term solutions, and will enable women and girls to succeed in any and all aspects of life. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million to invest in perpetuity to address changing needs of the community as they relate to women and girls.

Donate Here
To support TCF with a contribution to any of these funds, you can make your donation here. If you have any questions, please contact Mike George or Bridget Brell Holt in our Philanthropic Services Department at 419.241.5049, or

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